Animations and motion graphic designs are a new trend of modern media. Although the animation studio is a term that encompasses many fields and motion graphics design creation is one of them. The unfamiliar people with basic knowledge often use both phrases in the same meaning, yet both have entire existence.

Motion Graphics V/S Animation

  • Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics is a way to enhance the still images or on-screen text with engaging, stimulating visual effects. The motion graphic designs turn a complex idea into comfortable comprehendible visual aids.

  • Animations:

Animation is a general term that includes graphic motion designs too. The basic definition is anything that turns a static object into animated or moving visuals. Cartoons are the most ancient form of animation studios. However, the advancing technologies use animations for many aspects, from marketing to education; real-life-like spirits are in demand.

Although unprofessional, it does not make a difference between both versions. But the motion graphics design and animation studio are unique for the creative industry. Therefore for a creative motion graphic designer and animation creator, it’s crucial to know the difference.

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Know Difference between Both Versions

Images v/s Characters:

Usually, a motion graphic design is essential for on-screen text with images and shapes. In contrast, the animation studio composes characters using animated videos. The motion graphics can turn graphs, and web design to life with movements and animation focus on cinematic effects and storylines.

Narrative animation v/s Stimulating animations:

The narrative animation’s primary function is to create storytelling or visual content that contains a narrative. The utilization of the character is to make an explainer video either for the advertisement of information.

On the other hand, motion graphic design videos have compelling characters to drive the audience’s attention. Although storytelling is not absent in a motion graphic video, it is much easier through animation studio.

Real life Content/ Virtual Content:

The animated characters or visuals are purely virtual without organic backups. Whereas the graphic motion designs more often have real-life images or videos with further editing. A few examples of motion graphic designs are;

  • Motion graphic titles
  • Logo animations
  • Animated icons
  • Moving backgrounds
  • Doodles and other animated elements

Variations in Dimensions:

There is a vast range of dimension versatility in animation studios makes it more real and exciting. However, graphic motion designs usually include 2D. Nevertheless, the occasional use of 3D animation enhances the visual impact.

How to Choose the Right Tool?

Both animation studio and motion graphic designs are in demand of advent visual composition. However, it’s crucial to know how to choose the right one for a specific purpose. The right way is to evaluate the primary purpose of the project. For instance, the visuals are for advertising purposes or informational videos as both need distinct features to add an element of interest.

The persuading videos need storytelling boards, and to attain that purpose, and you might need animated characters through animation studios. Whereas to connect the audience with a particular product, motion graphic designs are a vital tool.

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