Many people are curious about, “How are Homemade Spy Gadgets Made?”. This article will discuss easy home-techniques for some spy gadgets.

Camera Coffee Cup – Homemade Spy Gadgets

This is an entertaining device for relatively older spies who are willing to be a bit more technical with their gadgets. What makes this specific gadget more interesting is its use to take a photograph every time you lift your cup and pretend to drink something.

You will want to use foam cups or two papers for this. Fit the camera and lens pieces into one, and then fit that cup into a second cup. In the bottom, you will want small holes for your lens that line up between your two cups.

This device can be a trickier to make, as you will have to take the components out of a general camera. So ensure, either you purchase a camera specifically for this purpose or use an old one that is not going to be needed anymore.

Besides, you are going to have to set it with a tilted switch. This allows your camera to take a picture during the movement rather than you having to press some button. Using this exciting device, you’ll surely be able to get in a lot of excellent spy practice.

Homemade Periscope

Periscopes are useful tools that you can use to see into areas you may not be able to usually, like areas above you, around corners, How are Homemade Spy Gadgets Made?  and more. It’s an entertaining device that children will love playing with.

As you look at the mirror at the bottom of the periscope, you observe a reflection of the mirror at the top of your device.

To make a homemade periscope you will need:

A tape, glue, scissors, a cereal box, and two small mirrors of 5 x 5 (cm).

Firstly, you will need to print this template, or you can use it as a guide as well.

Then, glue it to your piece of cardboard.

Next, when the glue is dry, you will have to cut out the template’s outline.

In the next step, you have to fold the dotted lines inwardly. A ruler may be used to keep the folds align and straight.

Then, glue the flaps that form the template’s length. This will give you the shape of your periscope.

Next, glue the flaps at the ends of the periscope.

Finally, glue a mirror at each end of the periscope. The mirrors sit at 45-degree angles but face each other to reflect the image that you wish to see.

You can tidy it up with any masking tape to make it stronger, or even decorate it to make it camouflaged.

It is a simple-to-use device that can be a lot of fun for adults and children alike!

Book Hidey-Hole

Book Hidey-Hole

For those who want a secret place to hide their things, a book hidey-hole can be a fun way to protect your private items so that they would not be found easily. While there are places you can buy these, it is much less expensive to make one yourself.

To make this, you will have to get a pencil (a writing utensil), a hardcover book thick sufficiently to hide whatever you want, a box cutter and a ruler. Open a few pages in the book. Some like to keep about 1/8 of the book intact on each side, but it is totally up to you. Just be mindful to get permission from your elders before you start cutting up precious books!

With the pencil and ruler, start drawing to make an opening at your own selected space. Be sure not to make it too close to the corners. Then you will have to ask an adult to cut, or you can do it by yourself if you are confident enough, along the line, opening up a rectangle in the middle of your book.

Ensure to keep it slow. Some also attempt to use an adhesive material, so that the pages remain together, but you can also skip this. Once you have finished, you will be able to store essential things inside the book quickly. Just be cautious when you open it up!

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Invisible Ink

Every good spy needs a way to write their secret messages so that others can’t see. So what better than a hidden letter?

Even if you are using a cipher wheel already, sometimes you have to get more security to keep those private messages safe. One useful device that many spies usually use is disappearing ink, which is only visible to those who know how the ink should react.

Luckily, you can make your invisible ink at home! You can try lemon juice for invisible ink. All you have to do is get a container of lemon juice or make your juice by squeezing a lemon into a suitable box. It can be difficult to use because the lemon juice is nearly invisible and already clear, but it is well worth it!

Using a cotton swab or paintbrush, you can write some secret messages onto a paper piece. When the juice becomes dry, no one will see it! When you or your recipient want to read the message, all you have to do is heat the paper. This can be tough, so be cautious not to burn the paper!

Using a radiator, iron, or a candle (you will need help from your elders for this), you will be able to warm up the paper which will make the invisible ink to turn brown. How are Homemade Spy Gadgets Made Then, the person who warmed it can read the confidential message! This works even better if you use paper that is not white, as it can be read on white paper already.

Some of the most excellent spy gear for children is sometimes the simplest. Lemon juice, a brush, paper, and you have got an invisible letter!

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