Many people face problems in making a map in Minecraft and ask ‘’What are the steps to make a map in Minecraft?’’. Following are the steps in this regard:

Map Determination in Minecraft

Minecraft mainly has two types of maps. A Locator Map that tracks the location of each player in the realm involving you as well.

The Basic Map is also an actual map of the realm, but it does not contain tracking of the positions. This version is possibly better suited to be hanged on a wall as a decoration.

In both of them, the map you make does not display at once every river, mountain, and desert. Instead, it functions similar to how RPGs hide unknown territory, gradually pulling back the cloudy veil as anyone venture forth. In the end, your journeys will reveal the whole realm.

A map will begin discovering your realm the moment it’s opened — ground zero. This point will remain at the centre of the map, whether it is the spawn point, crafting table, or bed.


Both the Locator Map and the Basic Map need specific ingredients and tools. These are listed below:

A furnace (right) and a

  • crafting table (left).

You cannot craft anything without one of these two items.

  • One pile of Redstone dust and Four iron ore blocks.

To acquire your Redstone dust, you require a block of Redstone ore (right), which resides underground (deeply) under the bottom 16 layers of the realm. Once you get Redstone ore, throw it into a furnace with some fuel, and you will develop Redstone dust. Iron ore blocks (left) reside just over the sea level.

  • Nine sugar canes

These are used to make the paper. They grow near the water.

  • Fuel for burning
  • Fuel for burning

You can apply 1 charcoal block, one coal block, or four blocks of wood — anything like these that burns. Coal is taken from coal ore, that we get in massive quantity anywhere underground such as in caves and break it with a pickaxe. Combine coal and wood in a furnace to prepare charcoal. But, using wood as fuel is possibly the least labour-intensive choice for this guide.

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With everything gathered, you can now generate your map.

Map Creation

The following guidelines will create an empty Locator Map, which eventually displays your current location. If you require a map that does not possess geolocation, you can bypass the steps for compass creation and begin with Step 6.

Step 1: Open the furnace and add the iron ore from the top square and fuel from the bottom square. You can use charcoal as a fuel

Step 2: The furnace creates automatically iron bars until the fuel or iron ore is depleted, or exit the furnace. To continue, drag the iron bars down into the inventory.

Step 3: From the Crafting Table, add four iron bars and one pile of Redstone dust. The Crafting Table automatically creates a compass.

Step 4: To continue, drag the compass down into the inventory.

Step 5: With the opened Crafting Table, drag three stacks of three sugar canes into your bottom squares. Each sugar cane stack generates three paper sheets, meaning you will drag stacks of paper into the inventory thrice.

Step 6: With the opened Crafting Table, select the compass in your inventory and drag it to the centre square. Fill all other squares with one paper sheet each.

If you are not preparing a Locator Map, swap the compass out for a ninth sheet of paper, filling all nine squares. These non-locator maps came in handy when cloning filled maps later.

Step 7: To complete, drag the new empty Locator Map into the Hotbar or inventory.

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Map Filling

Now you have a map, you want to fill it! Again, this works similar to how RPGs hide unknown territory, gradually pulling the cloudy veil back as you venture forth.

Step 1: Open the inventory and drag the empty Locator Map you recently made into the Hotbar.

Step 2: Select the map and follow the give below steps to bring view it:

Console: Left trigger pressing.

PC: right-click on the mouse

Mobile: Tap and wait on the screen

Step 3: Travel across the Minecraft realm to fill your map.

As the map renders the area, you will see that it has a limit: The player indicator will halt along the corner as you move outside the boundaries of the

map renders

map, at this time, it captures a space of 128 x 128 blocks based on the space where it was opened  first — half that of the “flat” world type.

Copy your map

Gamers with kids know already the dread of having to send out a virtual search party. They stray much far to the point where you are moving from screen to screen trying to spot their exact location. With a Locator Map, you can notice the location of all players in the realm, involving you as well.

The technique of map cloning is to provide all players with a copy of the map so they can return to the point safely where you initially opened the original — aka ground zero. Copied maps are a good must-have item for many younger players who love to wander off, particularly in unlimited realms.

To copy a map, you will need an empty map and a Cartography Table.

Before you start, ensure the current map is completed before making a copy. If you have the Level 4/4 version, this can take some time.

Step 1: From the Cartography Table, add the already completed map in the top square along with an empty map in the bottom square.

Step 2: Name the copied map that is optional. Be careful as this process renames both maps.

Step 3: Drag the two maps into the inventory.

Step 4: Repeat the same three steps as mentioned above, for additional copies.

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